Monday, January 10, 2011

Top Gear Does Jesus

Ah, the bittersweet aroma that is "freedom of speech".

As I was attempting to grow up, I would generally fall into lockstep with the Christian outrage generated by the entertainment industry's increasing tendency to slag off at Christianity, Jesus, us, and our faith in general. More recently, however, I have learned that while we must speak up for the truth, we must also accept that we live in a free society. This means people are free to be irresponsible. A symptom of this is that people will bash easy targets to make themselves famous. Targets like Jesus.

Okay, lets get one thing out of the way for any secular readers unfortunate enough to stumble across this blog. So you don't believe that a) He existed b) He was the Son of God or c) He rose from the dead? No probs. It's a free country. In fact, that would qualify you to be a Uniting Church Minister.

But one would have to assume from a pragmatic review of the evidence that Jesus/ Yeshua/ Issa was a peaceful man whose life was extremely constructive, and inspirational to countless millions. Yet when it comes to scoring cheap laughs or publicity from religious icons, the entertainment elites deride, ridicule, mock, scorn and put down this man, and this man only, with His followers next in line.

This man. Not the "Prophet" of Islam, no. Which is strange, because it's not as if Mohammed didn't give the elites enough comedy material. What with, among other things, him divinely claiming to know where the sun sets (in muddy pools, apparently) and claiming to be virtuous while fiddling with nine-year-old girls. The man whose name is used as a fashionable expletive did nothing as ridiculous. Not even close.

No, and we all know why this man, and not the other. I will spell it out in meticulous detail:

Because the entertainment industry are, collectively, a bunch of cowards. I'm generalising, of course, for the sake of brevity. Not all of them are cowards, just most of them.

Well, no. All of them.

For me, watching TV these days constitutes little more than adding to The List of yet another hitherto-admired comedian, writer, author, entertainer or production who/ which has sold their creative talent by taking cheap, easy shots at targets which don't fight back. All to soak up the adulation of The Crowd, who will laugh and fawn at pretty much whatever they are told to. Comedians like Kitty Flanagan, for example. Such a shame. I loved her in The Sketch Show.

Then, the very same elites apologise for, and even defend, the most unbelievable and dangerous belief system in the world. Because they are petrified of it. They are shaking in their narcissistic little boots.

Let 'em, I say.

You see, when they're done creating the illusion of their own brilliance and fame (and believing it), these elites then attempt to create the impression that by being cowards, they are actually being brave. They will attempt to tell you that by attacking "religious icons" (i.e. Jesus), they face the wrath of those "Christian fundamentalists".

Those Christian what now...? Is this a relative term?

Let's have a look: Recently my beloved Top Gear travelled through the Middle East and ended up at Bethlehem, where they did a parody of the Christmas story. It included a manger, not with a baby Jesus, but a baby Stig.

Personally...? Well, I don't feel offended. Perhaps it's because I don't think Jesus of Nazareth was born in an animal stall, so I only see a parody of Roman/Pagan-influenced human traditions. Or perhaps it's because I've learned to stop being offended, because it's my choice. Either or both.

But now, see the headlines: "Top Gear... sparks anger from (Christian) viewers ", and Top Gear...incurs wrath of Christians...

The story behind the headline? That hordes of angry Christians (two of them, to be precise) have taken to (wait for it...) writing on internet forums to voice their outrage! Not bishops, military leaders, politicians, people of influence baying for blood and igniting the fervour of a willing army of activists...but two people, writing on their computers, at home..

Internet forums!



Using words!

Breaking News!!

Is everybody okay??

When the same entertainers wore burkas, of course, Muslims were insulted, and their reactions were (and I wager will continue to be) a little Yes- the fact that Top Gear reminded us of the existence of this insulting piece of barbaric clothing...well, that's insulting to Muslims, you understand.

Kudos to Top Gear for being consistent. They have stayed off The List for one more episode. Which is good, because I'm running out of things to watch on TV.

Now, I won't detail the countless other incidents of violent, deadly Muslim outrage to the most innocuous, insignificant infidel references to their faith. Nor will I mention the more-than 16,500 deadly terror attacks (and counting) in the name of Islam since 2001.

No, I won't mention them, and neither will the people on your telly.

Yes Virginia, the bittersweet aroma of free speech; they are free to bash Jesus and cower from Mohammed, and we are free to call them what they are- cowards. Not out of spite, but out of pity. You see, those who bash the things which mean no harm, and cower from the things which threaten, soon become insignificant and irrelevant. Best to steer clear of them.

Next time they kick Jesus (probably in around five seconds from now) you can protest, write letters, and be offended if you like, but I think it's a waste of time. Because tomorrow, they will still be cowards. Best to focus your attention on those brave enough to listen to truth.

Such a furor! Letters were written, I tell you...!


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