Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Impeach God ! (or Gaia)

Ah, the religious zeal of the Greens.

David Spratt, who authored one of the zillions of preachy climate alarmism books, has written a letter to the Melbourne Age. Being the Age, I'm surprised it's not being presented as an article, written by an "expert".

In any case, he's rejoicing that a volcano is doing what evil humans should have done a long time ago; grounded aircraft.

Eyjafjallajokull may be Gaia's revenge. At the least, we should be thankful for a practical demonstration as to how dependent we have become on industries and patterns of mass consumption such as aviation, which are simply incompatible with a safe climate.

First of all, kudos for writing out Eyjafjallajokull. I admit, I simply copied and pasted it. So sue me. I have yet to hear someone pronounce it easily in any context.

Now, to take his typical Green logic further, another thing which is "simply incompatible with a safe climate" is breathing.

But I hope he realises what the implications are when he fawns over the beloved deity Gaia. After all, Eyjafk, Eyyhjah, Elaj...that volcano in Iceland has spewed out more greenhouse gas in the last week than humanity could in a year. Straight into the sky.

Clearly, Gaia is guilty of a little self-abuse here.


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