Monday, January 17, 2011

Zionist Talking Witch Pants

I couldn't help noticing, while walking past Dymocks the other day, that David Hicks has an autobiography. How utterly unsurprising. I must have missed the big release and the signing.

Do I even need to ask whether the masses would consider a Guantanamo detainee credible?

I give you Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Theory number 3,765,481...


(Released detainee) Walid Muhammad Hajj: "The most common method to wear down the brothers was witchcraft... there were, of course, Jews among the [staff of] Guantanamo..."

"we knew that (a fellow detainee) was under a spell. ... he said to me: '...The birds on the barbed wire would talk to me, and tell me to urinate in the milk. When the guards pass by my cell, the sound made by their pants talks to me.'"

Daily Telegraph's Tim Blair: "When Jewish pants talk to me, they usually just pass on a few investment tips and tell me not to buy retail..."


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