Thursday, November 13, 2008

want peace..?

Arab moderates are claiming that a win for Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel's forthcoming elections would actually be a better thing for the region.

Bearing in mind that Netanyahu is considered right-wing and hawkish, yet most economists in the Arab league believe his experience and strength will bring much needed stability because "a stable Israel means a stable region".

Here's the most telling comment, from business owners in Southern Lebanon: "When the wolves smell weakness they attack ... Sadly, when this happens it is Lebanon's economy that pays the heavy price". And this, of the center-left Tzipi Livni: "Livni is weak and inexperienced, and this is too much for our wolves to resist. Netanyahu is not nice, but he is strong, not a pushover. I believe that he is our best chance for quiet."

Read the full article here. Very interesting stuff, that there are moderates in the Arab world who recognise that "tough" and "not nice" can actually bring peace. I wonder if the West will pay any attention.


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