Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Can we stop feeling guilty now?

Okay America, you've finally elected a black president. So can we finally get over this colour thing now? Is it time to drop the hyphenated-American thing and now be called "Americans"?

Believe it or not, racism and class distinction haven't been major issues in the US in recent times. By that I mean there have been no major racial incidents, and no sudden increase in the gap between the lower and middle classes. And yet, these two things have been in the headlines more than ever before during the US Elections. Why?

Because the Obama campaign couldn't exist without it. They stirred it up, brought it up, and rode the wave. Divide and conquer. Agitate the toiling masses with a "them and us" mantra. It's the Alinsky method. The consistency between Obama's past and his 2008 campaign methods form a kind of poetry.

From his days as a "community organiser" with vote fraud enterprise ACORN, relationships with a host of marxist radicals (including convicted murderers), to his election speeches denying those very associations, to his campaign office's boycott and bullying of any groups or individuals daring to mention them, to the messiah-like status adorned on him by an adoring media and pop culture elite, to the $600 million campaign expenditure (dwarfing McCain's $85m)- it all flows together like a perfect plan, straight out of the Alinsky socialist handbook Rules For Radicals.

It's actually quite impressive, almost as if Obama's life has been scripted and coordinated by some hidden power. I'm sure many Christians would agree with me there. The question of "which power?" is where we might differ. Sure, no world leader is placed where they are without God's permission. However that is not to be taken as an endorsement...

Speaking of endorsements, interesting enough was the Obama campaign's last effort to put voters off his opponent McCain. It was a fairly standard "guilt by association" ad, big-noting that McCain was endorsed by the incredibly unpopular Dick Cheney (who also once got into a spot of bother when he accidentally shot a friend in the face. Oops!). Fair enough, worth a try.

I doubt this piece of "guilt by association" had much bearing on the election result. I sincerely hope not. Otherwise, now that Obama is victorious, and working on the naive assumption that his bureaucracy will allow freedom of speech, Americans may yet learn more about who endorses Obama:

US Communist Party
North Korea, rogue state who recently threatened to turn South Korea into "debris"
Columbian Terrorist and Marxist Militia FARC
Terrorist group Hamas, whose foundational charter is the destruction of Israel
The Parliament of Iran, who refer to Israel as "cancer" and constantly call for their destruction
Terrorism sponsor and Libyan Leader Mu'ammar Al-Qadhafi
Syrian President and terrorist sponsor Bashar Assad
Al-Qaeda, an indirect endorsement (they will always hate whoever is in charge of the US!)
The Black Panthers, some of whom attended polling booths to intimidate republican voters
The charming race-baiting, Jew-hating Jeremiah Wright, Obama's only pastor for 20 years

The mainstream media continued to savage and smear Republican VP nominee Sarah Palin, portraying her as stupid. They failed to notice that the Obama campaign ordered their VP Joe Biden to keep his mouth shut, lest he say something, well, stupid, as he continually seems to do. So, no media appearances for Joe, while Palin pounded the pavement with press conferences galore, feeding the liberal media savages and their entertainment pals plenty of material for their cheap, depraved mockery.

But before Biden was told to zip it, here was his last gaffe. Gird your loins, he said, for a major international crisis which would "test" the brilliant Obama. He's going to need your support, Biden says, even if it appears as though he's wrong. Just do as we say. Got it. That's sobering.

Now, let's just say this crisis involves one of the groups listed above. The question is, will anyone care? Did the Obama campaign exploit the "victim industry" so successfully that we are all compelled to feel guilty? Are we to accept that the above list of murderers and haters are genuinely and morally permitted to hate us? There is no "guilt by association" on Obama's part, because the guilt is all ours?

Joe Biden wasn't really being stupid (not this time, anyway), just honest. He knows they endorse Obama because Obama has exactly what they want- the promise to acquiesce. They're not stupid, either. If this "international crisis" comes to pass, evil will be coddled, negotiated with, bargained with, empowered, and it will grow. That's not just an opinion. It's history.

By the new President's own admission then, we're in for some interesting times ahead.


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