Wednesday, November 5, 2008

"It's over!" (Um...WHAT's over?)

Just as I thought. As per the previous post, maybe the cultural elite, both in the US and here, can stop their righteous whingeing now.

The Herald Sun's Andrew Bolt points out:

John McCain is beaten, and this is what I haven’t yet seen or heard:
Screams that the vote was rigged.
Lawyers taking the result to court.
The loser blaming anyone but himself.
Angry celebrities vowing to move overseas.
Stickers claiming the winner stole the election.
Furious reporters denouncing ads by the losers’ critics.
Furious reporters blaming the winner’s evil genius.
The bitter losers warning the country “is more divided than ever”

No riots either, despite the democrat campaigners' fearmongering and the myth of "republican rage".

Well, okay, give them time. If a republican speaks out of school, I'm sure the mainstream media will have it splashed all over the universe in a nanosecond. Here's how I think most republicans are reacting.

Even more to the point was The Australian's Greg Sheridan, who reckons that maybe instead of idolising Obama, we should also be congratulating America. We know Michelle Obama will, since she was never proud of her country until they nominated her husband as the Democrat Candidate. This election victory marks the point at which Michelle Obama is proud of America for the second time in her life! (Applause).

Anyhow, Greg Sheridan writes:

In a nation supposedly enthralled by fundamentalist religion, the presidential ticket with two mainstream, Protestant, capital-C Christians lost to the ticket with a vice-president of Catholic background who favours abortion on demand, and a presidential candidate who drifted into religion when he drifted into politics and who has one of the most pro-abortion records of any legislator.

The left liberal caricature of America was always nonsense. The militarism of American society is vastly overstated, just as its profound willingness to make sacrifices for other people's freedom is under-appreciated.

Emphasis mine, and it isn't emphatic enough.

There's still political points to score, of course; the Bush Derangement Syndrome will continue. There will still be the hysterical opposition to his conflicts, despite the fact that no US civilian target has suffered a terrorist attack in the last 7 years. The Wall Street Journal have an interesting take on that.

But the real test for Obama will be whether he ceases playing the race and class victim card going forward. I hope he does. Cease, that is.

That leaves only one other problem. If the cultural elite do stop their whingeing about how evil America is...whatever will they do with their time?

UPDATE: Get busy, BHO: Russia have just promised to park offensive missiles right along the border with their western-friendly neighbours, not hours after the election result. When you're all quite finished agreeing with Russia about how it's all Bush's fault, what's the solution?



Kendal said...

I appreciate you putting your thoughts out there in this forum. I happen to disagree but appreciate your concerns. Sadly, those who were openly or not so openly backing McCain have not given any real congratulations to the Obama campaign. Of course they may sell it as let's not make a big deal of this, but we have a new president elect that should be the story in my opinion. FOX News can't claim their fair and balanced when their coverage has focused on what will happen to republican party. There is plenty of time for that. I'm not an Obama roadie but I don't think it would hurt them to discuss the winning campaign more than the McCain campaign, the day after the election.

I do agree with you this is a more centralist nation than given credit for. Those with big media outlets on the left and right painting in only red and blue.

As for Michelle Obama I cannot get in her head to know what she meant. No one always accurately says what they mean. People want to believe the worst. And this worked against both campaigns. When McCain said the fundamentals of our economy are strong he was talking about worker resolve, competitiveness, creativity and the like. Biden said when the world tests President elect Obama they will find he has a spine of steel. EVERY President is tested and it was disingenuous for McCain to suggest the world would not go out of the way to test him.

Most upsetting is the suggestion by you and many others that the race issue was only brought up by Obama campaign. Granted you can't keep up with every media source, but this notion is flat out wrong. People not responding to Obama campaign called him Arab and muslim. I saw kids making monkey sounds when he was discussed. Sure he said on occasion that his name and skin color were obstacles but it was not the focus, that would have marked his defeat. He focused on the kitchen table talking Middle Class. People say things like Obama is playing the race card, I have yet to hear a concrete example.

By the way I'm totally against abortion. G-d does not make mistakes (rape and incest included). It's not always easy, nor should it be. Just as we should be free to practice any religion, so too should we make the right decisions given other options. When people COULD treat blacks, Chinese, the previous inhabitants of this land, etc as less than human, it didn't mean they should have.

Keep speaking your mind, I respect your opinion and your courage to expose your thoughts.

P.H. Atherton said...

Hi Kendal, appreciate your time and trouble for commenting.

Both sides will always argue media bias, but I've posted elsewhere the evidence that mainstream media in the US and down under were just Democrat mouthpieces. You mention good ol' Fox. They are openly conservative but have a good balance of democrat commentators.

I've also posted elsewhere the evidence of BHO using the class and race card (I wasn't only referring to race). It goes way back to his "community organising" days in Chicago in the 80's. You acknowledge that he used the skin colour and name reference but don't think it was a "focus"? It was used (twice) in an election speech, therefore it's relevant. In fact he was accusing his opponents of using race as an issue, when they simply weren't. So we disagree on this.

What Biden said was a little more shaky than "test Obama and he will have a spine of steel". He said "when he is tested, we must all support him even if it seems he's wrong". That's not exactly encouraging. Biden tends to gaffe a lot in ways which belies his alleged 30 years experience in foreign policy. I'm actually worried he'll get Obama killed or injured in some way...!

Thanks again for dropping by and making a measured, sensible contribution. Cheers.