Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is that an ETS in your pocket or are you just pleased to see us?

The papers are making a big thing about a couple who scammed their way into the White House and caused concerns about national security.

But enough about the 2008 US election. Closer to home it's all climate Change, climate change, climate...guh... I'm so sick of those two words I am, for the rest of this article, going to replace them with something similar but different.

Time to 'fess up, people. Cubic Centimeters is starting to smell a little dubious. I have been suspicious ever since Al Gore, in his Oscar-winning An Inconvenient Truth, uttered those famous quotes:

This is NOT a political issue,
The debate is OVER!

My first thought was; since when did the Academy Awards have a category for "best Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation"?

My second thought was that, when a failed politician says those words, you can be sure of at least two things. Firstly, it's a political issue, and secondly, there should be more debate.

There is actually one thing more alarming than the recent expose of agenda-driven scientists fudging core figures central to the debate on Cletus's Chevvy: The state-run and mainstream media's denial of it.

The ABC and SBS have gone out of their way to avoid mentioning it, other than in passing and amongst the words "popular with deniers", just in case we need reminding that only the fringe of society would dare question the science of Clunker Cashing. They've even made these criminally negligent and corrupt scientists-with-massive-grants out to be the victims.

Well, that fringe is getting bigger. And bigger. And bigger. And it isn't all cashed up by "Big Oil Money". In fact, if you must play follow-the-money, it doesn't bode well for the Crazy Critter Alarmists...

Oh, there is another thing as alarming as those previous two: Our Prime Minister's readiness to put his personal ambitions ahead of the nations' interest. Sure, pollies have done this kind of thing since time immemorial. But the narcissistic fervour which has accompanied our PM's environmental-saviour complex is downright disturbing.

Firstly, there was his messianic rant to the Lowy Institute where he isolated and marginalised anyone who questions Chinese Checkers. So much for ..."those of you who didn't vote for me, I'm your Prime Minister too..." He even named a handful of "deniers", including the (two or so) conservative journalists in our nation's media.

So, if you're like me and don't accept the so-called "consensus", and think that TV and movie stars should just stick to the acting and stay away from the preaching, your Prime Minister just insulted you. He called you a "radical" and accused you of being a danger to your children. And your children's children, and your children's children's...

...etc. I wonder if we'll ever receive an apology for being the "insulted generation".

Secondly, as I have long believed, this PM's real ambition is to be SecGen of the UN. What better way to throw his resume into the ring than to "lead the world" in tackling Charlie Chaplin.
To stroll into the Hopenchangen summit as the Pioneer of Pointlessly Taxing the Crap Out of People For the Greater Good.

If the problem was really man-made, our ETS will do N*O*T*H*I*N*G, repeat, N*O*T*H*I*N*G to affect it. Since Captain Crunch is most probably not man-made, then the ETS will simply do a different kind of nothing: Rather than just destroy us economically for no tangible improvement to the problem, it will simply destroy us economically for no tangible reason at all.

Now to expand the conspiracy theories: There are plenty of people who will tell you that Complex Carbohydrates is just a brilliantly co-ordinated alibi to repackage that century-old chestnut of worldwide socialism. They will tell you that socialism has been weighed and found wanting, citing annoyingly accurate reasons such as socialism's 100 years of miserable, abject failure to produce a coherent, functioning society. And the small matter of over 100 million people murdered by it's adherents.

Instead of decrying "Global Governance" theories as being of the crackpot religious right, how about looking to the claims of the global governance cabal themselves? It seems they don't have any inhibitions in laying out these fringe ideas. For the Greater Good, of course. More true confessions here.

They say you must keep your friends close, and enemies closer. Apply the same rule to your government.

UPDATE: The ETS is dead. Kevin will have nothing to take to Copenhagen but his charm.


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