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First published 5th November, 2005

As much as I try to avoid news and current affairs these days the images of burning cars in Paris and neighbouring French cities have been compelling enough for me to have a closer look.

I simply presumed that a law enforcement officer of some kind has been sprung beating up an unfortunate member of a minority group or a particular race.

No, we discover that the riots began for a somewhat different reason. But the actual reasons seems to be buried in a mire of political repercussions and calls for "peace-talks" that would be more appropriate in a war zone. Check all the news reports now and you'll find little reference to what started it all. Instead, you'll find lots of talks about outrage from community leaders and "demands" being made, in return for quelling the violence, and a mess resembling the Gaza strip or Afghanistan. Apparently, there has even been talk of "occupied territories". In Paris. Oh dear.

Another thing you don't seem to hear regularly on the mainstream news is that the rioters are Muslims. Occupied territories. Peace talks. Demands made in return for ceasing violence. Sound familiar?

Oh yes, the reason...? Some teenagers were indulging in their harmless hobby (stealing cars), a pastime which they normally enjoy uninhibited. On this rare occasion, the police chased them, which was highly offensive to the teenagers. Two of them hid in a power station. Incredibly, they were electrocuted. Subsequently, riots broke out. Police brutality? Excessive force? Who knows. But now the French have needed to send in enough Police and Military to make the perpetrators act like the victims.

Now if you believe everything in papers etc, the consensus is that terrorism only happens when George W invades an Arab country. If there is a terrorist attack on Aussie soil it will be JOHN HOWARD'S FAULT. When Islamic suicide bombers blow up Jews, it's the Jews fault. If Israel trades land there will be peace.

Yep, just like British PM Chamberlain forced the Czechs to trade "land for peace" with Hitler in 1938. Some peace.

God bless the French. They secularised their society so as to separate Church from state. They refused the inclusion of any references to "God" or "Christian" in the EU charter. Humanism rules supreme. To achieve peace they appeased terrorist demands in the 1980's. The result? An explosion of terrorism (pardon the pun). Then generous immigration policies have allowed Muslims in, to integrate and become French.

The problem is, it seems that some Muslim communities don't want to become French. The leaders in some in areas consisting of over 80% Muslims, are calling for a "Millet" system (a system allowing legal autonomy for Muslims, where they can adjudicate over matters using Islamic law). Their idea of assimilation with the French culture is driving out traditional French shopkeepers, businesses, and closing down non-Islamic activities such as cinemas, theater halls and dance venues.

As a side note, if they have succeeded in shutting down a few sleazy strip clubs and brothels- personally, I don't think this a bad thing. But that's not the point.

These communities have also managed to incite thousands of youths to see themselves as the victims after some nasty policemen tried to apprehend criminals in the act of committing a criminal offence. Under the Islamic millet system I am presuming it would be okay to steal cars, providing the cars being stolen belonged to non-Muslims.

The French now have no choice but to appease. They must listen to the demands of the law-breaking, violent and destructive criminals (sorry, the oppressed Muslims in occupied territories). It's the only way to achieve true peace. The dangerous rioters must be given autonomy and the right to self-determination. French Military out!!

If history teaches us anything it's that we've learned nothing from history. If someone is making demands through claims of oppression it helps to check the validity of the claims before acquiescing to the demands. Sadly, the history of Islamic conquest is littered with cases of political manipulation where military force fails. Hitler did it with Czechoslovakia and it worked a treat. The fact that they can attempt it in France means anything is possible.

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